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Forest Stewardship Council celebrates first international FSC Friday

September 28, 2009

Here at Rivanna, our partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is one of our most important relationships. All of our wood plaques and awards are crafted from FSC-certified wood, and we also offer FSC recycled products, such as our PaperStone™ awards. Why did we choose FSC certification? Well, in addition to their strict environmental standards, FSC also has guidelines protecting indigenous peoples' rights, workers' rights, and the social and economic well-being of local communities. You can read more about our FSC partnership in the responsible forestry section of our site.

In an effort to promote these responsible forestry standards worldwide, FSC celebrated its 1st International FSC Friday on September 25, 2009. FSC Friday began in the UK in 2008 and was broadened this year to reach internationally. Events were planned at FSC International Center in Bonn, Germany, as well as in Russia, India, and all over the UK and featured FSC product showcases, expert talks, and forest walks.

In Bonn, FSC held an "Open Door Day" and offered meet-and-greets with FSC staff, talks about the impacts of FSC and various FSC initiatives, and a walk through a certified city forest.  The World Wildlife Federation in India celebrated FSC Friday with their launch of an FSC-certified awareness poster conveying the need to protect our forests. FSC Chain-of-Custody certification is taking off in India - more and more companies are applying for certification. In Russia, FSC also held an "Open Door Day", and opened an online forum for communication about forest certification standards.  The celebration of forests was biggest in the UK, where parks, forests, and community organizations hosted events all over the country spreading awareness for the necessity of forest certification programs. From bike rides and hikes through forests to talks at local schools, as well as discounted FSC-certified products at many retailers, FSC UK offered something for forest revelers of all types.

We at Rivanna are big supporters of FSC and encourage you to learn more about the economic, social, and environmental benefits of FSC certification. Why no FSC Friday in North America, you ask? We're not sure. In Charlottesville, where we are headquartered, Fridays are BIG. The city has First Fridays, when the local galleries throw their doors open to the public and offer hors d'oeuvres and cocktails to the art enthusiasts, as well as Fridays After 5 (free music at the Pavilion, the outdoor music venue). At Rivanna, we like Fridays, We'd love to participate in an FSC Friday. Wouldn't you? We'll check it out and let you know what we learn.

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