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Santa Monica Library offers Sustainable Literature Awards

October 09, 2009

Green Prize glass award

The city of Santa Monica is at the forefront of the sustainability movement, and its beautiful, LEED Gold-certified public library is the embodiment of green design. Not only is the building constructed from 50% recycled materials or sustainably harvested wood, but carefully planned gardens containing specifically chosen plants surround the space (and the library website offers a photo, name, and description of each plant!). The harmony of indoor and outdoor spaces is particularly refreshing: even indoors, visitors have 75 percent access to daylight and have window views from 90 percent of the regularly-occupied spaces.

It’s no surprise, then, that the library also seeks to promote sustainability through the best way a library can – books. The Green Prize for Sustainable Literature Awards are in their third year, and recognize authors who bring environmental issues to the forefront through fiction, non-fiction, reference, and children’s books. Sponsored by the library as well as the City of Santa Monica Office of Sustainability and the Environment (OSE), the awards are yet another demonstration of the city’s commitment to sustainability – in theory and in practice. Rivanna was honored to be selected again this year as the provider of the recycled glass awards for this prestigious event.

Reinforcing how important sustainability is to the city, mayor of Santa Monica Ken Genser gave an introduction and voiced his dedication to the city’s continuing sustainability efforts. Dean Kubani, Director of the OSE, presented the awards. Many of the winning authors don’t live in the United States and realized it wouldn’t exactly be “green” to hop on a plane and jet across the Atlantic to attend the ceremony, but there were a few in attendance; most notably, Chip Jacobs and William J. Kelly, authors of Smogtown: The Lung-Burning History of Pollution in Los Angeles and winners of the award for Adult Local Impact book. Many other authors sent video acceptances or eloquent written expressions of gratitude.

The Green Prize for Sustainability Literature Awards celebrate two causes that are near and dear to us here at Rivanna – protecting our environment and encouraging reading. We’re continually inspired by the work our clients and their award recipients are doing to improve our planet and hope that by sharing their efforts, we can motivate others to get involved, too.

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