B Corporation Champions Retreat 2012

November 06, 2012

B the Change Race to the Top Award

Last month, I was fortunate enough to attend the 2012 B Corporation Retreat with members of our Rivanna team in beautiful Half Moon Bay, CA.  This powerful event, organized by the extraordinary B Lab team, brought together entrepreneurs and changemakers from over 180 organizations to inspire each other and celebrate success in the B Corporation community.

Certified B Corps are for-profit companies that have made a commitment to improving the environment and their community, both local and global, through business. The 650 (as of this writing) certified Bs are a diverse group of mission-driven organizations – from innovative ideas put into action like One World Futbol to well-known names like Etsy – that are redefining success in business. Rivanna has been a certified B Corp and Benefit Corporation since July 2011 and we have been honored to work with B Lab for the last two years to craft awards recognizing outstanding fellow B Corps at the retreat.

Meeting and connecting with representatives from these organizations was an enlightening, powerful experience. We shared ideas, championed achievements, and created a framework we can use to help each other, not only to do better work but more importantly, to grow and support the burgeoning B community.  Themes of collective effort and celebration defined the three days that we worked together, and the spirit of collaboration was infectious. This was my first experience engaging with fellow Bs, and I came away from the event feeling inspired, motivated, and impassioned to “Be the Change” – not only in my every day work, but also in my larger role as a member of our global network.

Here at Rivanna, the B Corp mission and our core values go hand in hand, and we have been holding ourselves to a higher standard since our inception in 2001. Seeking certification was a simple decision, and the Impact Assessment is a yardstick with which we measure our efforts to better our business. We were excited to team up with other like-minded companies to shape change at the retreat, and we came away with a newly renewed energy to set change in motion. We’re fired up, and we’re looking forward to doing everything we can to develop and grow our community.


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