5 Tips to Conserve Water in Your Business

by Denise McGuigan February 26, 2019

5 Tips to Conserve Water in Your Business

Sharing our name with the Rivanna River in Charlottesville, we try to be mindful of water usage. That mindset hasn’t changed since our move to Richmond. If anything, we’ve become more diligent – measuring and tracking our water usage and figuring out ways where we can cut back. Read 5 ways we try to be thoughtful about water as a business (and 5 ways you can conserve water at home!):


Having made the WaterSense Awards for over a decade, we’ve been supporting the program in more ways than one. Our planet-friendly awards have recognized WaterSense Partners, and we’ve installed all WaterSense-labeled toilets and fixtures in our new facility. Toilets are the main source of water usage for homes, and significantly impact water consumption within a business. WaterSense toilets and fixtures help reduce that impact through more efficient water flow and performance. Always look for the WaterSense label – you may even be able to receive a rebate from your utility company! Also, be sure to always have an ear out for a running toilet, something we learned the hard way, to avoid a high water bill and wasting water.

Water Coolers

While many offices have fridges stocked with water bottles, we instead have water coolers in central areas within our facility. The large cooler containers are then swapped out when they’re emptied and either reused or recycled. We encourage the use of reusable bottles and cups, rather than disposable plastic, making it easy for our team to stay hydrated while reducing our plastic pollution.

No Plastic Bottles, Please

Each coworker at Rivanna has a personalized team mug. We also encourage everyone to use a reusable water bottle and reimburse the cost so that people can have (and use!) a reusable bottle that they love. We try to make it as easy as possible for coworkers to minimize their impact, so a little bit of guilt, and a reimbursement, go a long way. Some B Corps, like Klean Kanteen, offer awesome reusable bottles that keep your water nice and cold.

Sprinkler Timers

We’re in Virginia, and it’s hot in the summer. We’re moving toward more water-efficient conservation landscaping practices, but we still have a tiny lawn that needs to be maintained. Our landscapers have done a great job of minimizing our water use while keeping this space healthy. Sprinkler timers are not only convenient, but they also help you reduce water waste and save money, always a perk for a small business.


No matter how you tackle water conservation in your facility, a little coworker education goes a long way. Encouraging everyone to use reusable water bottles, conserve water, and purchase more efficient products at home helps further minimize your impact as a business. Best practices in your business can lead to better practices at home, further reducing overall environmental footprint.

Denise McGuigan
Denise McGuigan


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