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B Corp Spotlight: MilkCrate

June 05, 2018


From time to time, we come across great companies and products that we think our customers will love.  With that in mind, we wanted to share a bit about MilkCrate, a mission-driven tech company and fellow B Corporation that creates apps for other mission-driven nonprofits, schools, corporations, and member-based organizations.

MilkCrate platform allows for each organization to have a completely customized experience, based on the leadership of the organization, their mission, and their business model. Whether the organization is a nonprofit, a school, or a corporation, the goal is to allow organizations to motivate their employees or members to reach the organization’s goals. Since the app is completely customized to that specific organization’s needs, leadership can track the progress of their employees through different widgets and metrics, tracking their progress.

Not only are the apps designed with the user in mind, but they are also interactive and make fulfilling the organization’s mission more fun. Users can compete with one another to complete the goals outlined by the organization, gaining points by completing challenges and activities.

MilkCrate also offers a way for foundations and corporations to sponsor nonprofits by funding their app. The funders can either work with a nonprofit they have in mind, or join MilkCrate’s collaborative fund, and be introduced to a pool of potential nonprofits that need an app and fit the funder’s mission. By making an app possible for a nonprofit, funding partners are ensuring that an organization is able to motivate and engage members, donors, or participants while having the ability to measure that engagement and build a more financially sustainable model through sponsorship of their app.

MilkCrate is an innovative, effective, fun way to motivate users to engage with and help achieve their organization’s mission. With everyone participating, app clients will move closer to achieving their mission, and continue to be a force for good within our global community.

To learn more about MilkCrate and take a free leadership assessment, visit their website:

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