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Business Practices

When it comes to how we run our business, minimizing our environmental impact is our first priority. We do our best to offset energy costs, use recycled or renewable packaging materials, and recycle or reuse as much as we can.

Sustainable Purchasing

We are members of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council. SPLC brings together visionary professionals from institutions, suppliers, government, standards bodies and NGOs to simplify, optimize and standardize the practice of sustainable procurement. Just as the USGBC’s LEED program provides a shared platform for guiding, measuring, and recognizing leadership in green building, SPLC proposes a shared platform for guiding, measuring, and recognizing leadership in sustainable procurement.

Energy Use

We make every effort to reduce energy consumption. Offsetting our energy use is the second important step in reducing the adverse effects of our actions on the environment.

Improving Energy Efficiency

EPA Energy Star logo

We are a member of Energy Star® for Small Business, a voluntary EPA program that has helped us to implement energy saving practices and lower our energy demand. We strongly recommend this program to businesses large and small who are looking to reduce costs and be more responsible about energy use.

Choosing Green Power

EPA Green Power Partnership Logo

Our local energy provider is Dominion Virginia Power.  We have participated in Dominion's Green Power® Program since the program was first launched. The Dominion Green Power program is certified by the nonprofit, third-party organization Green-e® Energy, which ensures product quality and customer protection. Renewable energy is purchased in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates from recently built wind, solar and biomass facilities in Virginia and the surrounding region.

Because we annually offset 100% of our annual fossil-fuel electricity, we've been honored as a member of EPA’s Green Power Partnership every year since 2003.

Packaging and Shipping

We understand that there are significant environmental costs associated with the packaging and distribution of our products. We continually seek ways to minimize our environmental impact while ensuring that our products arrive safely and on time.


Our packaging materials are derived from wood industry by-products.  We wrap our awards and plaques in newsprint and/or clean cellulose wadding that is 100% recycled and reusable. 

We reuse shipping boxes or use new corrugated boxes with high recycled content. The paperboard in our gift boxes is 95% post consumer material and 5% mill waste.
We do our best to minimize all packaging materials while still protecting our products during shipment.

Packaging is the single largest contributor to one of North America's most troubling environmental problems, municipal solid waste. We encourage our customers to reuse or recycle all of our packaging materials.

Shipping and Logistics

We do our best to minimize the social and environmental impacts of shipping for materials we procure and items we ship to clients.  Our guidelines are:

  • Avoid air freight for incoming and outgoing shipments.

  • Consolidate shipments.

  • Source locally, or from the closest approved supplier.

  • Engage freight transporters who are working to reduce environmental and social impacts.

  • Encourage suppliers and freight transporters to continue to reduce impacts.  Share best practices.


We are committed to waste reduction through materials conservation, reuse, and recycling.

Since we are a wood products company, we have a host of opportunities to use scrap materials for small hand turned products or components of larger awards. Wood scraps and saw dust that cannot be used in production are used as mulch or composted at a family farm.