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Case Study - NALP

Rivanna Case Study #1 2.0 (Version 2.0, of 08.13.19): NALP

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National Association of Landscape Professionals

The Client Need

The National Association of Landscape Professionals, voice of 100,000 landscape industry professionals who create and maintain healthy green spaces, came to us looking to refresh their awards-giving by redesigning their physical awards for the 2015 program. NALP had to have something completely new, exciting, memorable and, of course, sustainable.

The Solution

Going in, we made sure Rivanna’s process of collaboration was logical, right-sized and, most importantly, honoring of the association’s goals and philosophy. We warmly welcomed their input and feedback in each major milestone in the creation of a new look and feel for the widely-respected awards. The steps included:

NALP Awards of Excellence plaque

Step One: Customer-Centric Design Refresh

  • We began with a thorough review of all of the organization’s legacy plaques and awards, to ensure we were breaking new ground.
  • We naturally strive for attractive, appropriate designs for every customer. Since NALP is filled itself with design-savvy professionals, we knew the bar was set high for a fresh, new, cohesive design.
  • We took into consideration/creation a blending of color, texture, line and balance, just as NALP members do when they create a great landscape. That integrated artistic approach reinforced the organization’s driving purpose and reflected the prestige of the awards.
  • Additionally, with the association’s “outdoor” nature, we suggested plaques of more planet-friendly materials. This included green-certified mahogany. NALP loved the idea of natural, sustainably forested wood.
  • In our subsequent face-to-face meetings with the association awards team, Rivanna recommended a suite of plaques reflecting various levels of recognition. The NALP professionals appreciated that our new, asymmetrical-design style would prominently feature the name of the winner and category of recognition. This would reflect the association’s philosophy: members come first and their honors are worthy of notice.

Step Two: Improved Branding for Members

While collaborating on the award designs, the NALP team shared with us color photos of past winners’ work in landscaping. The photos were stunning, clearly illustrating the talent and detail displayed in each landscapers’ creative solution. We resolved to find a way to incorporate photos of winning projects into the awards program. This strategy, when executed, would make each winning projects’ awards a unique and lasting tribute. Our team designed a companion photo plaque to display alongside each Award of Excellence plaque. Employing this visual solution meant that after the awards were given, each landscape company would be able to display their photo plaque in their lobby or reception area. The companion photo plaque would tell the story: in a colorful, true-to-life representation, it would further validate corresponding Excellence award.

Mahogany Landscape plaques
Landscape Professionals award winners

Step Three: New Products for Members.

Rivanna again added value by taking the idea of an NALP photo plaque one step further: creating a photo plaque for landscapers to share with other important stakeholders. The new NALP Customer photo plaques provide an opportunity for landscape professionals to share their success and express their appreciation to customers and partners in a beautiful and meaningful way.

Step Four: A Convenient Way to Pull it All Together

While NALP loved the dual-plaque concept and was convinced these new products would add value for its members, the scale of the awards program might have made the logistics of offering new products daunting. To ease the post-awards-ceremony process, Rivanna set up a private-label online store to handle the orders and administration for our customer.

NALP award winners

The Result

The collaboration between Rivanna and the National Association of Landscape Professionals has enabled NALP to refresh its award program, strengthen its brand, and add value and convenience for its members. In partnership with Rivanna, NALP has found new ways to celebrate the accomplishments of its members and help them showcase their award-winning landscape projects. Read more about this great partnership and learn how your association can start benefitting from Rivanna's customized services in this downloadable PDF.

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