Rivanna's Environmental Commitment

There's a reason why Rivanna Natural Designs is the leading U.S. provider of eco awards and planet-friendly plaques. 

We respect natural systems and accept responsibility for the effects of our actions on the environment. We strive to continually improve our understanding of environmental issues and minimize our footprint. We believe that fine awards are not fine if they harm the planet or people.

As a manufacturer, we are keenly aware that our materials and processes have environmental impacts. Our task is to minimize adverse impacts and, whenever possible, use restorative (as opposed to depletive) materials and methods of production. We have a unique advantage: since we design the majority of our products, we ensure that our awards and plaques are built according to our own environmental standard.

Whether you are a current customer or buying trophies for the first time, we hope that you will take a moment to learn more about our work and our dedication to making the most eco friendly awards and plaques in the world and for the world.

FSC logo on plaque by Rivanna Designs

Responsible Forestry

Using certified wood for awards since 2002.

manufacturing awards at Rivanna Designs

Sustainable Materials

Designing plaques with sustainable materials in mind.

Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

Sustainable Purchasing

Learning best sourcing practices from the best.

scrap wood for recycled trophies


Recycling, composting, and making recycled awards.

Sustainable Stanford awards by Rivanna Designs

Energy Conservation

Conserving energy in award manufacturing.

Rain Garden at Rivanna Designs

Water Conservation

Treating water like the precious resource it is.

green packaging for trophies and plaques

Green Packaging

Protecting fine awards without harming the planet.

UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping label

Carbon Neutral Shipping

Shipping every order carbon neutral, no matter what size.