How to Buy Awards

Here are some questions to help you plan your awards purchase:


What is the purpose of your award program or event? 


Who are your honorees?
  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Businesses, Organizations, Schools


When is your event?

By what date do you need your awards in hand?

When will you provide the final, approved list of award recipients?


Who will provide the list of award recipients?

Who will draft the award text?

Who will coordinate, review, and approve the award artwork?

Who will pay for the awards?

Who will receive and check the award shipment?


Where do you want your awards shipped?

  • to your office
  • to the hotel where your event will take place
  • to a hotel where you will be a guest
  • to a convention center
  • to a third party
  • to the award recipients directly after the event


How will you present the awards?

  • at a formal ceremony or gala
  • in an informal ceremony
  • drop shipped to recipients with a cover letter
Will there be time at your ceremony to present all the awards or should some awards be drop shipped to recipients later?

    Will you have a photographer or videographer present?

    Do you need a beauty shot of your award(s) for your event program or social media?

    How Many?

    How many awards do you need?

    How Much?

    What is your budget?

    Which Type?

    Which type of awards do you need?

    • a single size and style
    • multiple sizes, colors, or styles for different award categories
    • special tokens for keynotes, panelists, or volunteers
    • awards for strong branding