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Materials Used in Our Eco Friendly Awards

FSC® 100% 

Honduran Mahogany

(Swietenia macrophylla)


A favorite of American craftspeople and furniture makers since the mid-18th century, mahogany has long been appreciated for its workability and durability. Mahogany’s dense, straight grain and dark red-brown hue create a smooth, naturally glossy surface. 

We became an FSC®-certified chain-of-custody provider before we shipped our first product in 2002. (FSC-C019049). FSC®-certified mahogany is the only tropical hardwood in our collection. It is imported from well-managed, FSC-certified forests, such as those in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. We offer it in an effort to support indigenous rainforest communities and provide them with a market alternative to illegal logging.

FSC® MIX Cherry

(Prunus serotina)

A member of the rose family, cherry has been a favorite with furniture makers since Greek and Roman times. American colonial cabinet makers also prized cherry’s natural luster attractive grain, and smooth texture. Cherry is photo-sensitive and darkens with age. 

Our FSC-certified domestic cherry is generally from Eastern U.S. forests. We make certain that the front of awards is heartwood (darker) and leave sapwood (lighter) on the backs, if at all. Cherry has more visible grain pattern than mahogany, and can have natural mineral marks or streaks. These “flaws” give cherry its unique, natural look.

FSC® MIX Maple

(Acer saccharum)

Maple is not just for bowling pins and butcher blocks. We design with maple because it offers contemporary appeal with the warmth of wood. 

Our FSC-certified domestic maple is generally from Eastern U.S. forests. Our maple designs pay tribute to the natural beauty, strength, and durability that we associate with maple trees.

Other hardwoods For custom awards, we are happy to use other hardwoods, provided they are FSC-certified.

FSC® Recycled Richlite


Richlite® Grays Harbor is made from post-consumer recycled paper (mostly recycled cardboard) and is FSC Recycled 100%. In addition, Richlite products are GREENGUARD® certified for indoor use in residential, school, and institutional environments. The surfaces are produced using an innovative and efficient WE™ (Waste-to-Energy) manufacturing system that captures toxins and recirculates heat to greatly minimize fuel consumption, pollution, and carbon emissions.

Richlite has the smooth, dense texture of a fine countertop. Awards made from Richlite are significantly heavier than those made from hardwoods.  


Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource. The bamboo used in plyboo™ is grown in managed forests in China. It reaches a mature height of 40 feet in 4 years and does not require replanting after harvesting.

Bamboo offers a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. For our standard products, we use a natural edge grain amber color, which provides warmth without a heavy feel. 

Finishing materials

For our Richlite™ products, we use PaperStone™ finish, a long-lasting, durable finish made from natural oils and waxes. View MSDS.

To finish our wood products, we use Agualente, a GREENGUARD® Certified, low VOC, self-sealing pre-catalyzed waterborne coating based on breakthrough European resin technology. View MSDS.

Engraving plates

We offer aluminum front and back plates with all our awards. We do not offer brass, bronze, or any other type of metal plate.

While there is currently no independent, third-party process for determining or ensuring the recycled content of aluminum, we believe that aluminum it is the most environmentally responsible choice for awards and signs. According to the USGS Minerals Commodity Summaries, in 2013, aluminum recovered from purchased scrap in the United States was about 3.27 million tons, of which about 56% came from new (manufacturing) scrap and 44% from old scrap (discarded aluminum products). Aluminum recovered from old scrap was equivalent to about 37% of apparent consumption. This gives us a reasonable assurance that the recycled content is at least 30% but unfortunately we cannot verify that. We do know that the plates can be recycled, and that recycling aluminum uses only about 5% of the energy used to convert aluminum from boxite.

Recycled glass

Our recycled glass products are made from recycled window pane glass that is crushed and mixed with elements of vibrant color. The crushed glass is heated and transformed into a glowing liquid. Artisans at the foundry then form the glass into tiles, awards, and other functional shapes.

The foundry that produces our classic recycled glass is a non-profit organization that assists the homeless and low-income people through emergency services, housing, jobs, training, and other charitable endeavors. For more information, please visit our friends at Aurora Glass.

We offer a color fill option with our glass awards. Check out Color Fill or No Fill? for details. View MSDS.