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Rivanna's Commitment to Community

We strive to create a workplace that serves our customers, coworkers, partners, and community.

Starting at the Top

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a call to action that we take seriously. As a business, we have a responsibility to leave no one behind in the face of global challenges that threaten our planet and community. To that end, we are using the SDG Action Manager to establish our goals and measure our progress. As a Certified B Corp, we are long accustomed to accounting for and disclosing our social and environmental impacts through our B Impact Report. With 17 goals to consider, much of our work is centered on Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere.


Through sponsorships, participation, and our own in-kind grant program, we support a wide range of local environmental and social initiatives. Since 2015, we have been consistently recognized as a Best for the World company by the non-profit B Lab. Sometimes we even take home our own awards!

Community Service

Community service is a priority for us. Each member of our team receives three days of paid community service leave per year to participate in volunteer work. We track volunteer hours to encourage participation.


As a refugee employer, we've seen first hand the courage, resourcefulness, and resilience of those whose lives have been uprooted by war and persecution. We advocate for peace and tolerance, at home and abroad.  

Refugee Employment & Training

We are grateful to our community partner, the International Rescue Committee of Charlottesville and Richmond, for providing valuable insights regarding how best to meet the employment and training needs of recently arrived refugees. At work in 42 countries, the IRC is committed to helping people uprooted by war, civil conflict, and oppression. In America, the IRC helps thousands of refugees resettle legally and rebuild their lives. We have worked with the IRC in Charlottesville and Richmond since 2001 and strongly recommend their employer services.

Advocating for a Vibrant and Sustainable Economy

As a member of the American Sustainable Business Council, we advocate for policy changes to improve our world and enable business to be a force for good. Established in 2009, the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) is a network of businesses and business associations that have committed themselves to the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit. ASBC advocates for policy change and informs business owners and the public about the need and opportunities for building a vibrant, sustainable economy. Through its national member network it represents more than 250,000 business owners, executives and investors from a wide range of industries. Learn more at

We Are All In on Climate.

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Best for the World.

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Our 2021 Catalog looks a lot like home.

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Rivanna supports Climate Justice with Awards for All.

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