Recycled Awards, Plaques, and Trophies

We take “recycled” claims seriously, so our recycled awards collection requires some explanation: 

  • Our recycled glass awards and components are hand cast from post-consumer recycled glass. The source of our recycled glass is usually construction demolition glass.
  • Our scrap wood awards are built from leftover wood from our own woodshop in Richmond, Virginia.  Since our wood products are FSC® certified, these products bear the FSC MIX label on the back.  Our scrap wood awards are recycled but do not qualify for the FSC Recycled label because the wood pieces are post-industrial, not post-consumer, waste.
  • Our FSC® Recycled plaques and awards are made from Richlite® biocomposite, a post-consumer recycled paper product.  The “paper” reference is a little misleading, since these recycled trophies are exceedingly solid and durable.

We provide a lot of detail here because recycled awards and recycled trophies are not all created equally and we want to be sure you know what you are buying. As you. As you can tell, we're not your average trophy shop.