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Collectively, we've been at Rivanna almost 90 years. Now that's experience. And a lot of pizza.

Cynthia Boateng, Graphic Designer

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia
Favorite Animal: Elephant or giraffe…let’s say both!
Favorite Place: Maymont
Dream Travel Spot: France
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Belle Isle
Favorite Book and/or Movie: “Atlantis”
What Do You Love To Do? Draw
What/Who Inspires You? Women. I think we’re very powerful.

Peyton Gardner, Production Manager

Hometown: Mechanicsville, Virginia
Favorite Animal: Dolphin
Favorite Place: New York City
Dream Travel Spot: Hawaii
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Belle Isle/Shockoe Bottom
Favorite Book and/or Movie: Titanic or Interstellar
What Do You Love To Do? Work, go to amusement parks, and explore new places/restaurants.
What/Who Inspires You? David Berdish.  He was a professor of mine at VCU.  He cares about the environment and human rights more than anyone I know.  His passion for ethical business practices is inspiring and encourages me to be the same way in the business world and at home.

Zamir Hadaf, CNC Router Operator

Hometown: Kabul, Afghanistan
Favorite Animal: Wolf
Favorite Place: America – all of the USA
Dream Travel Spot: Visiting my family in Afghanistan
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Downtown
Favorite Book and/or Movie: Bollywood movies
What Do You Love To Do? Run and be with my family and friends
What/Who Inspires You? My father and mother, and my future goals

Reid Hall, Production Assistant

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Place: My painting studio
Dream Travel Spot: California
Favorite Book and/or Movie: Anything Disney
What Do You Love To Do? Paint, create videos
What/Who Inspires You? Video games inspire my art

Admir Hasanovic, Woodshop Manager

Hometown: Bratunac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Favorite Animal: Small lamb
Favorite Place: My backyard and lakes
Dream Travel Spot: Bahamas
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Maybe Carytown in Richmond, but I love Charlottesville’s downtown mall
Favorite Book and/or MovieMatareski Krug by Robert Ludlum
What Do You Love To Do? Fish, garden, cook, watch movies, watch soccer, and be with my wife.
What/Who Inspires You? My grandchildren

Melvin Ramos Cruz, Woodworker

Hometown: La Libertad, El Salvador
Favorite Animal: leopard
Favorite Place: Italy
Dream Travel Spot: Dubai
Favorite Richmond Hangout: James River
Favorite Book and/or Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
What Do You Love To Do? speak English
What/Who Inspires You? my parents

Kristina Schultz, Principal Designer

Hometown: Baku, Azerbaijan
Favorite Animal: Birds
Favorite Place: New York City
Dream Travel Spot: Eastern Europe
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Downtown rooftops
Favorite Book and/or MovieThree Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson
What Do You Love To Do? Dance (salsa & tango), cook, host, travel, draw, sew, knit.
What/Who Inspires You? Compassionate people

Gretchen Wirth, VP Business Development

Hometown: San Diego, California
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Favorite Place: Italy
Dream Travel Spot: Ireland
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Powhatan…
Favorite Movie: “Field of Dreams”
What Do You Love To Do? Spin [bike], cook, volunteer, spend time with my family, hike, and walk
What/Who Inspires You? Michelle Obama

Crystal Mario, Founder and CEO

Hometown: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Favorite Animal: Giraffe
Favorite Place: In the woods at Grassland Farm
Dream Travel Spot: Hogwarts
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Ellwood Thompson’s
Favorite Book: George Eliot's Middlemarch
What Do You Love To Do? Read, travel, walk, practice piano
What/Who Inspires You? The courage and resilience of ordinary people whose lives have taken extraordinary turns.

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