Preparing Your Award Artwork

Relax and read on. This is going to be easy.

Preparing Your Award Graphics & Text

Award graphics or logo files

If you are a current customer, we have your logos and artwork layouts from previous projects on file, so there is no need to send us new files unless something has changed since we last made awards for you.  

If you are a new customer or a current customer with new graphics, please upload a high resolution (300 dpi or better) .eps or .jpg file of your logo or graphic (preferably with layers intact).

Award artwork for wood or metal

If your logo is to be reproduced in color (using color sublimation technology), please upload a full color file. If your logo is going to be laser etched in wood or on metal, please upload a black & white or color file. If you are terrified of graphics of any kind, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.

Artwork for artisan glass

We sandblast our glass pieces. As a result, we require black and white logos or graphics. Please upload black & white .eps files for glass. Logos with gradients, photos, or color layers may not be suitable. If you cannot send us an appropriate logo or .eps file, we can prepare artwork for you for an extra fee.

With logo artwork and graphics, the old adage applies: garbage in, garbage out. To produce high quality awards with crisp resolution, we need high quality graphics. 

Submitting your award text

Please send us your award text in an MS Word table or an MS Excel document. Something like this is fine:

Sample form for submitting artwork to Rivanna

We will cut and paste whatever you send to us, so please, please:

  1. Make certain that the recipient's name appears as he/she wants it (when it doubt, be a little more formal (ie, James not Jim, Sandra not Sandy).
  2. Double check the spelling of every award recipient's name.
  3. Double check credentials (ie, PhD, MBA, etc). Omit them if you are uncertain or if you don't have the credentials for all award recipients.
  4. Verify all business/organizational names (ie, is it Inc. or Incorporated?).
  5. Proofread your award text.
  6. Proofread your award text again.
  7. Please don't agonize over the layout. We'll lay the text out for you, following good design and communication principles. You'll have the opportunity to review and approve it.
  8. Please do not send us individual PDFs or Word docs for each individual award. A table or spreadsheet is faster and easier for all of us to check.

Lost for words?

Check out our collection of quotations suitable for awards and recognition.

Need full creative control?

We prefer to set up artwork for you, but if you'd like to design your own production-ready files, feel free! Just contact us before you create artwork and we’ll send you the appropriate templates for your awards. Please note that we cannot be responsible for typographical, alignment, layout errors, or color mismatches that occur in files you send to us. 

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