Recycling at Rivanna Designs

We are committed to waste reduction through materials conservation, reuse, and recycling.

As a wood products company, we have a host of opportunities to use scrap materials for small hand turned products or components of larger award and plaques. Wood scraps and saw dust that cannot be used in production are used as mulch or composted at a family farm.

To make use of as much scrap wood as we can, we designed a group of scrap wood trophies, which are available in limited quantities.

Recycled awards made from scrap wood at Rivanna Designs

In addition to recycling wood waste, we have an active recycling program for glass, corrugated, office paper, aluminum.  Our recycling partner in Richmond is TFC Recycling.  We measure total waste disposed and total waste recycled as part of our effort to reduce overall waste.

Thanks to our fellow B Corp, Natural Organic Process Enterprises (NOPE), we have a terrific program for collecting and convert organics into compost that improves and protects our soils and the environment. Thanks to our comprehensive composting training (provided by NOPE), we compost food scraps, shredder paper, wood dust, and other organics.  We also encourage coworkers to compost at home or bring their compost to work if need be.