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Each time you refer a friend or colleague to us and that person becomes a customer, we share part of the proceeds from that first sale.

Here’s how it works:

  • You tell your colleagues or friends about our referral program. Or contact us and we tell them all about it.

  • When your referral makes their first purchase from us, we email you with the choice of three nonprofit organizations to receive our donation.

  • You choose one of the nonprofits from the three we've suggested or you designate a different 501(c)(3) that you'd like us to support.

  • We then donate 5% of the sales from your friend or colleague’s purchase (with a maximum amount of $50) to your choice.

  • We notify you when the donation has been made.

  • You refer another friend or colleague.

  • We keep donating

  • We publicly report our charitable donations at the end of the year.

We hope that you will participate in Refer Rivanna.  You’ll be helping us, and we’ll be able to thank you in a way that reflects our values and yours.  It will only take a moment to get started.  Just fill out the form below.  Thanks!


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