Supply Chain Partners

One of our greatest challenges, and greatest joys, has been sourcing raw materials and services from businesses and organizations that share our goals for environmental and social responsibility. Many of our supply chain partners have provided much more than simply products or services. We are grateful for the counsel, support, and genuine interest in the success of our work at Rivanna. We encourage you to learn more about our outstanding suppliers and business partners.

Aurora Glass Foundry
We've been working with the team at Aurora Glass since we shipped our first product in 2002. Aurora is owned and operated St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County, OR, a respected non-profit. The foundry is part of SVdP's strategic recycling initiative for a healthier community, and their profits assist homeless and emergency services. 

Eco Supply Center
We were their first customer, and they've come a long way since then.  Eco Supply is the premiere green building supplier on the East Coast with fabulous, cutting edge materials and great service. Anthony is our hero.

MultiCam East 
We couldn't make our products without our CNC technology and great technical support. Carmel and his team are real experts and some of the best people we know.

Neil Duman 
We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with renowned Blue Ridge glass artist Neil on our artisan glass awards.  We love supporting his work and are truly honored that he has made time to work with us. As an established artist, he is much in demand!

Rex Lumber Company
Working with Rex Lumber is a joy.  They supply our FSC®-certified hardwoods and are true leaders when it comes to protecting the world's forests. They also keep our designer, Kristina, stocked with pencils!