Real Companies are Owned by Real People - Part 2

January 01, 2016

Gretchen Wirth and Crystal Mario, owners of Rivanna Natural Designs

Gretchen Wirth & Crystal Mario

As advocates for beneficial ownership transparency, we are delighted to announce that Gretchen Wirth has been granted a group of non-voting shares in Rivanna Natural Designs, making her owner of 19% of the company. Founder and CEO Crystal Mario, previously the sole owner, explains, "Along with the entire Rivanna team, I am deeply grateful to Gretchen for her devotion to our mission and conscientious commitment to our stakeholders. To emphasize Gretchen's extraordinary contributions and unfailing support over the past 14 years, I wanted her to be the first member of our team to receive shares in our company."

This share grant is our company's first step toward greater employee ownership, an important objective for us as a Virginia Benefit Corporation and a Certified B Corp.

As Rivanna's sole director and shareholder, Mario recently set aside 49% of the company's stock for future employee ownership.  In November 2015 she filed amended Articles giving Rivanna the authority to issue 2,550 shares of Voting Common (Class A) stock and 2,450 shares of Non-voting Common (Class B) stock.

As a Certified B Corporation and a Virginia Benefit Corporation, Rivanna is committed to transparency and accountability in business. To that end, we publish and maintain a statement of beneficial ownership on our company's Governance page. We encourage all businesses to do the same.


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