Our Custom Award Design Process

Why choose an eco friendly custom award?

A recognition event or program provides the perfect opportunity to reward extraordinary achievement, build or establish your brand, create excitement for your award recipients and your own team. Designing an eco friendly award, made from FSC-certified or recycled materials, is a fun and fulfilling creative process! An eco friendly award enhances your brand and communicates your commitment to planet and community.

Our Award Design Process

With over a decade of experience designing custom awards, we’ve gained a strong sense of what makes a custom award successful. Our Award Design Process (ADP) will enable you to create the perfect award for your special event or program.

Design Survey (30 minutes)
First, we ask you to complete an online design survey that helps us to better understand your needs. The survey is fun and easy, and can even be completed via your smart phone.

Initial Telephone Consultation (30 minutes)
After you have completed your survey, we’ll call you to set up a time for a preliminary design consultation. This will give us an opportunity to better understand your needs and time frame, discuss our capabilities, and determine next steps.

Design Agreement
You sign our one-page Design Agreement and pay a $300 design fee.

 Deliverable #1 - Preliminary Sketches (pdf)
  • Preliminary sketches for 1 award/plaque (3 sketches),
  • Suggested dimensions & materials
  • Estimated price per piece (quantity 1)

Design Review and Selection

(30 minutes, phone or by email)
  • One round of feedback included (Additional feedback/changes $75 per round)

Deliverable #2 - Detailed Master Artwork (pdf)

  • Color, vector drawing for 1 award/plaque
  • Detailed description of dimensions & materials
  • Final price per piece (quantity 1 and/or multi volume)

Review and Approval of Master Artwork

(30 minutes, phone or by email)

  • One round of feedback included (Additional feedback/changes $75 per round)

Deliverable #3 - Final Master Artwork

  •  Design project complete

 Award Prototypes
We are happy to build award prototypes for custom award designs. The minimum fee is $300 per prototype. This includes set up and personalization. The fee may be higher, depending on materials, machining, and assembly requirements.

Custom Award Collection
We would be thrilled to design an entire collection of awards for your event or program using our ADP.  Please contact us for an estimate.

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