Quotes - Speaker/Panelist Appreciation

Speech is a mirror of the soul: as a man speaks, so is he.

Publilius Syrus

The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lightning and lightning bug.

Mark Twain

Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides.

Rita Mae Brown

Every now and then, when you're on stage, you hear the best sound a player can hear. It's a sound you can't get in movies or in television. It is the sound of a wonderful, deep silence that means you've hit them where they live.

Shelley Winters

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.

Rudyard Kipling

The purpose of words is to convey ideas.
When the ideas are grasped, the words are forgotten.
Where can I find a man who has forgotten words?
He is the one I would like to talk to.

Thomas Merton

Speech is civilization itself. The word, even the most contradictory word, preserves contact -- it is silence which isolates.

Thomas Mann

There is no pleasure to me without communication: there is not so much as a sprightly thought comes into my mind that it does not grieve me to have produced alone, and that I have no one to tell it to.


"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less."
"The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."
"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master - that's all."

Lewis Caroll, Through the Looking Glass

It's not that I'm so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer. Albert Einstein

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