Rivanna Helps Support Monkey Tail Ranch

by Denise McGuigan January 10, 2019

Rivanna Helps Support Monkey Tail Ranch

Our new Refer Rivanna program has really taken off, with our loyal customers referring our eco-friendly awards to others. When someone refers a new customer who makes a purchase, we donate a portion of the sale to a local nonprofit organization. Our current nonprofit partners are Richmond SPCA, FeedMore, and the IRC.

We’re delighted to announce a fourth nonprofit partner in California, more local to our VP of Business Development, Gretchen Wirth. Monkey Tail Ranch (MTR) is a lifechanging nonprofit that works with adults, children, and families living with autism, enriching their lives through relationships with animals, nature, and the community. At MTR, service dogs are raised and trained to help overcome the specific challenges of their handlers, while therapy horses provide opportunities to build confidence and trust.

Gretchen and her husband, Tom, have been working with MTR for many years. We asked Gretchen about her family’s passion for Monkey Tail Ranch:

How and when did you get involved with Monkey Tail Ranch?

Tom became involved with MTR and joined the Board of Directors in 2012 after discussions with the co-founders, Tim and Elise, regarding the need for a down-to-earth service dog program for children on the autism spectrum. I started volunteering shortly after that, and I love it!

Why do you love volunteering with Monkey Tail Ranch?

We’ve always loved to volunteer in our community, and we love dogs. We knew MTR would be a great fit for us. When a child has autism, the whole family is affected. As parents ourselves, the opportunity to work with families is really appealing.

If you could describe MTR in one word or phrase, what would it be?


How has volunteering at Monkey Tail Ranch affected you and your family?

We’ve met so many wonderful children and families, many who have become friends. To be a part of an organization that has such a positive impact on children and families is humbling and deeply rewarding.

What do would you like people to know about Monkey Tail Ranch?

It’s fun! Elise and Tim are so passionate about their work and there’s something for everyone who wants to contribute, such as:

  • Puppy raising
  • Training internships
  • Social media marketing
  • Public relations
  • Community event support
  • Fundraising support
  • Grant research and writing
  • Office management

Why add Monkey Tail Ranch to the Refer Rivanna program?    

1 in 59 children are diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. By adding MTR to our referral program, we can allow those who are directly affected, or who know someone with autism, to donate to an organization that works tirelessly to help those families in need.

To contribute to Monkey Tail Ranch, please visit the Donate section of their website.

To have Rivanna contribute to Monkey Tail Ranch, simply participate in our Refer Rivanna Program. The more you refer, the more we donate!

Photo credit: Monkey Tail Ranch

Denise McGuigan
Denise McGuigan


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