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New Glass Awards, New Possibilities

March 07, 2016

Neil Duman in glass studio

Our new Artisan Glass collection is the result of our year-long collaboration with renowned Blue Ridge artist Neil Duman.  Working with Neil has been a joy and a privilege. He's a natural teacher who loves his work, so we're soaking up as much knowledge as we can. We try not to be too distracted by the heat, fire, and sheer miraculousness of glass blowing.  Neil makes it look easy, and says almost anyone can learn to work with glass.  He's modest, of course, but that is part of why we enjoy working with him.

We considered several talented glass artists in our search for a design partner to help us create unique artisan glass awards.  In addition to his beautiful work, several of Neil's other qualities immediately made him a finalist: his kindness, his energy, and his sincere interest in the environment.  Maintaining a small environmental footprint has always been at the core of our business, so it was especially important to us to work with a like-minded artist.

Most artisan glass awards, art glass awards, and crystal awards sold in the U.S. today are manufactured offshore.  Since there is little or no supply chain transparency in the awards business, it's impossible to know how such awards are made, what conditions the factory workers face, what the environmental impacts are, or who actually owns the companies in the supply chain.  We cringe when we hear someone say, "oh, we buy local awards" since, chances are, the actual awards are anything but local.  

Working with Neil, we are thrilled to offer our customers beautiful artisan glass awards along with the assurance that we know who and how these awards were made.  Over this next year, we're going to share with you the steps that we're taking to make our artisan glass awards as green as they possibly can be.  We're starting by offsetting the energy used in production, but we have many more steps to take, and we look forward to sharing those steps with you.  We'll be adding more new glass designs as well, so stay tuned!

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