Meet Our Team

Cynthia Boateng
Junior Graphic Designer

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia
Favorite Animal: Elephant or giraffe…let’s say both!
Favorite Place: Maymont
Dream Travel Spot: France
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Belle Isle
Favorite Book and/or Movie: “Atlantis”
What Do You Love To Do? Draw
What/Who Inspires You? Women. I think we’re very powerful.

Kristina Constantine
Principal Designer

Hometown: Baku, Azerbaijan
Favorite Animal: I can’t choose between a hawk…and a flamingo
Favorite Place: Savannah, Georgia
Dream Travel Spot: Buenos Aires
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Any salsa club
Favorite Book and/or Movie: Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson
What Do You Love To Do? Dance (salsa & tango), cook, fashion pattern making, travel, knit
What/Who Inspires You? Compassionate people

Zamir Hadaf

Hometown: Kabul, Afghanistan
Favorite Animal: Wolf
Favorite Place: America – all of the USA
Dream Travel Spot: Visiting my family in Afghanistan
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Downtown
Favorite Book and/or Movie: Bollywood movies
What Do You Love To Do? Run and be with my family and friends
What/Who Inspires You? My father and mother, and my future goals


Reid Hall
Production Assistant

Hometown: Richmond, VA
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Place: My painting studio
Dream Travel Spot: California
Favorite Book and/or MovieAnything Disney
What Do You Love To Do? Paint, create videos
What/Who Inspires You? Video games inspire my art

Admir Hasanovic
Woodshop Manager

Hometown: Bratunac, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Favorite Animal: Small lamb
Favorite Place: My backyard and lakes
Dream Travel Spot: Bahamas
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Maybe Carytown in Richmond, but I love Charlottesville’s downtown mall
Favorite Book and/or Movie: Matareski Krug by Robert Ludlum
What Do You Love To Do? Fish, garden, cook, watch movies, watch soccer, and be with my wife.
What/Who Inspires You? My grandson

Denise McGuigan
Sustainability Coordinator

Hometown: Huntington, Long Island, New York
Favorite Animal: Humpback whales…and hummingbirds
Favorite Place: Spain
Dream Travel Spot: New Zealand and Costa Rica
Favorite Richmond Hangout: VMFA Lawn
Favorite Book and/or Movie: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and probably “Good Will Hunting” or “Aladdin”
What Do You Love To Do? Eat, travel, anything involving nature, bake, garden, and be with my family
What/Who Inspires You? Nature and its resilience

Hassan Wali
Glass Artist

Hometown: Mazar E Shari, Afghanistan
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Place: London
Dream Travel Spot: Turkey
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Downtown
Favorite Book and/or Movie: Any Bollywood movie
What Do You Love To Do?: I love movies…going to the movies, watching movies
What/Who Inspires You? My wife

Gretchen Wirth
VP of Business Development

Hometown: San Diego, California
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Favorite Place: Italy
Dream Travel Spot: Ireland
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Powhatan…
Favorite Movie: “Field of Dreams”
What Do You Love To Do? Spin [bike], cook, volunteer, spend time with my family, hike, and walk
What/Who Inspires You? Michelle Obama

Crystal Mario
Founder and CEO

Hometown: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Favorite Animal: Giraffe
Favorite Place: Under the ash trees, Grassland Farm
Dream Travel Spot: Hogwarts
Favorite Richmond Hangout: Ellwood Thompson’s
Favorite Book: George Eliot's Middlemarch
What Do You Love To Do? Read, travel
What/Who Inspires You? The courage and resilience of ordinary people whose lives have taken extraordinary turns.