Award Duplicates

Delight honorees. Save money. Impress the boss.

 Award duplicates may be just what you need.

Whether you an award coordinator or an actual award recipient, duplicates can come in handy.  Many experienced award coordinators extend the reach and benefits of their recognition efforts through duplicate award programs. If you're an award coordinator, award duplicates can help you:

Stretch Your Budget

Challenge: Your award program is recognizing the accomplishments of an extraordinary team. The team has 12 members.  You'd love to give individual awards to each team member, but your budget won't stretch that far. 

Solution:  Give one award to the team, and offer the individual team members the opportunity to purchase a copy of the award at their own expense.  

Build Your Brand

Challenge: You are honoring a business with multiple offices.  You would love to see your organization's logo in every multinational office, but you are a nonprofit and it would be cost prohibitive (or even inappropriate) for you to give this business 300 copies of the same recognition plaque. 

Solution:  Give one plaque to the business and enable the business to purchase as many copies as they require. 

Keep the Peace

Challenge: The award is awesome. Everybody wants one.

Solution: Buy duplicates, or let individuals purchase copies of their own.

If you are the recipient of an award that we've made, award duplicates enable you to:

Share the Love

Challenge: Your project has won a Best of the Best award. Your subcontractors and other stakeholders deserve equal credit.

Solution: Purchase award duplicates for them. Deliver them personally or drop ship them with a note of thanks.

Indulge in a Little Self-Care

Challenge: Your team has won a recognition plaque made by us, but you work from home so you will rarely see it. 

Solution:  Order an award duplicate for your home office. Provided we have permission from our original customer, we're happy to accept an order for a duplicate award.

Please keep in mind that, while we love to make award duplicates, our policy is only to make duplicates with permission from the original award purchaser.  As a rule, duplicates are an exact copy of the original award.  Any changes (personalization, for example) must be approved in writing by the original award purchaser. Please contact us for details.



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