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We believe products that express gratitude, reward performance, and celebrate excellence should harm neither the planet nor the people who create, purchase, or receive them.

Unlike most award vendors, we design and manufacture the majority of our products.  We're dedicated to creating elegant, original designs. We revere fine craftsmenship. We rely on vibrant colors and ethically-sourced, planet-friendly materials. Our environmental commitment is second to none.

Since 2001, our goal has been to create fair-wage jobs for recently-arrived refugees and others in our community who most need them. We have strengthened our commitments to community and environment through our designation as a Certified B Corp and Virginia Benefit Corporation. Like our fellow mission-driven companies, we strive to create positive change through business.









Design Philosophy








Rivanna Report

New Glass Awards, New Possibilities

March 07, 2016

 Our new Artisan Glass collection is the result of our year-long collaboration with renowned Blue Ridge artist Neil Duman.  Working with Neil has been a joy and a privilege. He's a natural teacher who loves his work, so we're soaking up as much knowledge as we can.


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Making Trophies from Scratch...and Scraps

March 04, 2016

Despite our best efforts to minimize wood waste through prudent design and sound manufacturing processes, we still end up with small scraps of wood that need to be diverted from the waste stream. 

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