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Neil Duman, Glass Artist

“There are so many ways glass can be shaped, I have never been bored with it, nor can I conceive of a time when I will be.  It is an amazing material, a super cooled liquid that has no crystal formation, plays with light, holds motion, surrounds us every day with mundane objects, yet lends itself to such creativity.” ―  Neil Duman

We are honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to offer artisan glass awards hand blown by renowned Blue Ridge glass artist Neil Duman. In early 2015, our principal designer, Kristina Constantine, began searching for a local glass artist to design and create awards for us. While the Blue Ridge has no shortage of talented glass artists, Neil immediately made our short list. Since then, Neil and Kristina have spent many long hours collaborating on glass award designs. The result is our new artisan glass collection, an ensemble of elegant awards that celebrate excellence, honor nature, and reflect the power and joy of artistic collaboration. We're working with Neil to create the greenest artisan glass in Virginia. Check our blog for updates!